This page is for my reflections as I work through the process of doing my dissertation.  I completed my research proposal some time ago and left it to one side  whilst I completed other assignments.  Now all other assignments are out of the way, I have returned to the issue of the dissertation and have to get stuck into it as I am aiming to have it all done and written up by the of July – this seems a little tight and is causing slight feelings of panic as there is quite a bit to do and it all feels a bit messy but I am concerned to approach the project as it should be done.


I have joined a couple of MOOCs and will decide in about a week or so which one shall be the basis of my research.  It’s a really strange experience signing onto a course and creating a profile, considering the ethics of online research and participant observer status – not entirely comfortable.  However, having seen some other participant profiles, I’m sure I’m not the only one researching these courses through participation.


Course starts tomorrow – ChinaX : The Manchus and the Qing.  I’m looking forward to it but must remember the reason why I’m taking the course.  Think I can manage 1.5 hours per week.


Note to self: I’m looking for student discourse and global interactivity, relating to Foucault’s theory of power & knowledge – we’ll see how that goes…




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