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On Blogging

I am not used to blogging  but have been quietly impressed with the possibilities.  My aim is to blog about once each week as I have to set time aside from everything else I’m doing and make the effort to get logged in and ‘blog’ something.  I find the writing style a bit like writing in a diary but could adopt a style of speaking to a particular audience, eg. students.  

The ability to insert images is useful and makes the blog more readable and alluring.  I’m still getting familiar with the organisation of blogs and things like including links to other websites etc.  I  think the value of the blog for me is a really useful way of connecting with fellow students to share ideas and to share resources through links – this is still in the developmental stage.  It is interesting to see how other students have developed their blogs and it seems apparent that I’m not the only new blogger – I think it is hard for a busy person to adjust their schedule to make time to blog and to give this any sort of priority.   However, for the reasons outlined above, I think it will ultimately be worth the effort to keep up to blogging and looking for interesting links, etc, say once each week.


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